Slice-O-Matic Listed As Hot TV Product By Huffington Post

Huffington Post Online gave a list of 10 great As Seen On TV products in their article “As Seen On TV: The 10 Hottest Products Right Now,” with Slice O Matic as one of them! Check out the whole article here:

ABC 7 News Chicago – “As Seen On TV” Telebrands Inventor’s Day

ABC 7 News Chicago interviewed Telebrands CEO A.J. Khubani, who demonstrated the latest “As Seen On TV” hit products and discussed their most recent Inventor’s Day in Chicago.

Retail Therapy Lounge Slice O Matic Reviews

Retail Therapy Lounge has reviewed the Slice O Matic.  See the full review of this kitchen slicer in the post here. TV Gadgets To Help You Eat Right did a feature on Infomercial products that can help you eat right.  They featured the Slice-O-Matic as a great kitchen tool that will easily prepare your vegetables for convenient snacking.  Check out the whole article on!

Invention Expo Looking For The Next Big Thing

The Free Invention Expo at Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach was Saturday, February 11th. The South Florida Inventors Society hosted the event, which featured Thomas Edison’s great-niece, who blew out 165 candles in honor of Edison’s birthday, which also was Saturday. Also present at the expo were representatives of Telebrands, the As Seen on TV company, who were searching for their next product to showcase. Read more about the Expo in this article in the Palm Beach Post News.