Fresh #review from a satisfied customer

Fresh #review from a satisfied customer of the #SliceOmatic! Find out what they had to say here:

9 Responses to Fresh #review from a satisfied customer

  1. sliceomatic says:

    Hey Janice,

    Its not double shipping. One charge is shipping and the other is a processing fee. And yes, the free shipping offer applies to upgraded orders only. If you have any other questions about it, please let us know.

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks – order was changed.

  3. Risa says:

    I couldn’t seem to figure out the difference between the standard 19.99 version (+ 2nd bonus with extra s/h) and the deluxe version (29.99?). Is the deluxe one bigger, or does it include extra blades (eg. chopping?) Does the regular one have a chopping blade, or just julienne? thanks

  4. Humaira says:

    Hi! I am interested in buying a kitchen tool that would help me slice and chop onions..I saw the standard sliceomatic at bed bath and beyond.Does that one come with a chopping blade??(it doesn’t say so on the box).

    • sliceomatic says:

      Hi Humaira,

      The Slice-O-Matic is a standard slicer that also comes with a Julienne blade for slicing into thin strips. It does not have a chopping blade, but can still slice and Julienne onions.

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