CBS Atlanta Holiday Gift Ideas Featuring Slice-O-Matic

CBS Atlanta did a feature on great Holiday gift ideas that you may have seen on TV and have featured the Slice-O-Matic as one of them! Click here to watch the whole video review.


Use Your Food Slicer to Make Fall Scented Potpourri

Fill your house with the smell of fresh pumpkin or apple homemade potpourri.  Using left over apples or pumpkin and a food slicer, you can easily make your very own tailored fall scent.  Read the directions on how to make your own fall potpourri here.  You will need a food slicer to slice up the pumpkin, apples, and other fruit that will be dried and used in the potpourri.  Need a slicer? Find out where you can get a small and affordable food slicer here!

CW33 Dallas ‘Does it Work?’ Slice-O-Matic Review

Click the photo to see full video

CW33 of Dallas has featured Slice-O-Matic in their ‘Does it Work?’ segment! See what they had to say about Slice-O-Matic in the video here!

Electric Meat and Food Slicers

Electric food and meat slicers are heavy duty kitchen appliances, mostly used by professionals.  If you are thinking of getting one of these meat slicers for your home, check out the different electric slicers available in this article.  Need just a small, regular food slicer?  Find out where you can get a light-weight, affordable food slicer here!

Make a Spooky Slaw Recipe for Halloween Using Your Food Slicer!

Looking for fun food recipes for Halloween?  Try this ‘Simple Spooky Slaw’ for a great side dish for the holiday.  Make it quick and easy by using your food slicer to slice the vegetables in the slaw.  Don’t have one?  Click here to find out how you can get an amazing food slicer now!